Now you can make payments from the comfort of your home, thanks to service creditcard payments for customers inside and outside Colombia.  We receive Payments with franchises  VISA, MASTERCARD AND AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Our international clients can make payments for PLANS AND MACHINES with Credit Card but we prefer the bank transfer for payments  over $ 5000 USD because  banking fees are lower by bank transfer.

To make your payments follow this instructions:

1. Request a quote for the plans and machines that want to buy.

2. You will receive a quote where you can select them.

3. you will send us an email telling PLANES AND MACHINES you choose and that you want to pay by CREDIT CARD

Please give us the next information for generate a comercial invoice to your name or your company

· Full name or comercial name

· Your identification number or comercial identification register number

· Adress, city and Country

· Telephone with international indexes

4. We will provide you an user ID (unique identifying number) with this you enter to make payment.

5. Join our payment site and click on the credict cards icon at the bottom  of this screen, make sure you have disabled the pop-up blocker on your browser or enable the emergence of pop-up screen for this time

6. With the ID that we give you, enter the payment gateway, you can check the value of your order and pay it.

7. Made the payment, we will send planes and machines purchased within the deadlines stated.



Gracomaq S.A.S. Accepts the following secure payment methods for your customers

Interbank transfers as described in our quotes

Letter of credit

Wire transfers by Western Union, Money Gram, and others to Gracomaq´s General Manager

Credit and Debit card Payments


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WhatsApp in Colombia: +57 3102242008